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Friday, June 16, 2006

Wire-Wrapping Technique

Shortly after I began designing my pieces I came across the technique of wire-wrapping. This technique makes for a beautifully finished piece of jewelry -especially if any component you wire-wrap dangles from the design, such as charms.

My very first piece that uses this new technique that I have learned are the Glow Earrings. In the first attempt at these I had used the simple loop technique but once they were done and I was able to see them whole and finished something just didn't look right. I decided today is the day I'm going to learn a new technique and I decided to teach myself wire-wrapping.

Armed with some instructional books and the proper tools I took the first earring and wire-wrapped the first crystal -it came out perfect the very first time! I thought to myself, "This wasn't very difficult...why did I wait so long to learn this?!" And so onto the second earring and viola! The results were a beautiful pair of earrings that anyone would be proud to wear.

They were so beautiful that I just had to have a pair for myself! And so, I now have as part of my personal jewelry collection this pair of earrings that look absolutely stunning with a dressy outfit or even a casual outfit (such as white crop pants, a tan colored shirt -in any fabric except cotton -and sandles) -fabulous!!

I am currently working on a bracelet and earrings set that again uses this technique but I am most interested in a forthcoming piece of jewelry that will be designed into earrings using shell disc beads. I can picture the finished piece in my mind and I am quite positive they'll be wonderful! -stay tuned!!

I am not one for re-inventing the wheel when the wheel is not broken so if you're interesting in learning this technique for yourself all you have to do is simply do a search on the internet for "wire-wrapping" or go to your local bookstore and search for jewelry design books. As always, use the proper tools and you too can create beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry!
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