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Friday, May 14, 2010

NEW Secret Garden Swarovski Pearl Charm Bracelet

New to Crystal Allure is the Secret Garden Swarovski Pearl Charm Bracelet (B175) featuring a lovely strand of Swarovski Pearls accented by Swarovski crystals and sterling rose beads. Finishing this beautiful design is an orchid quartz gemstone teardrop and green czech pressed glass leaf.

I only have to look to my own gardens for inspiration. We were only weeks into spring and our bleeding heart bushes, one each of the sides of our steps leading to our front door, were just sprouting faster than I could enjoy them. So I snapped some photos to show how beautiful they are and in return for admiring my beautiful garden I was inspired to create a secret garden bracelet! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Art of Electroforming Leaves

The art of electroforming a real leaf is a delicate process.

First, a real leaf is pressed flat and dried. Once it has dried, the leaf’s pulp is removed in a light acid bath which produces the result of a leaf "skeleton".

This skeleton is very fragile as it only has the veins of the leaf holding it together. The leaf is then dried once more and then hand painted with a copper based paint (which allows it to be electroformed).

Next, the leaf is submerged in an electrolytic solution and with the magic of the positive/negative charges from electricity, metal deposits onto the copper based surface. This process takes place over a period of three days.

Logically so, if the leaf has fine veining then a "filigree" leaf will result; if a leaf has little veining then the electroformed surface will be solid. Tip: Prolonged electroforming will also result in a more solid form. Taking the extra time during the electroforming process insures the metal deposits are uniform.

Oak Leaves Swarovski Crystal Earrings (E135)
The final metallic leaf finish is dependent on the electrolytic solution used.

The leaf jewelry Crystal Allure offers have been electroformed in 24kt gold but other variations exist that include sterling silver or iridescent rose gold (which is a combination of 24kt and copper).

How To Care For Your Leaf Jewelry
Leaves should be cleaned carefully with a warm cloth and not with abrasives to maintain its longevity. Each leaf is unique and special, capturing a part of nature, resulting in a beautiful piece of wearable art. Over a period of time, our 14kt gold electroformed leaf jewelry will age to a deep brown-red.
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