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Friday, July 25, 2008

NEW Butterscotch Beaded Bracelet Earrings Set

New to Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Designs is this tasty butterscotch handmade beaded bracelet and beaded earrings set. Select each piece individually or as a gift set for a complete look.

Swarovski Pearl Czech Beaded Bracelet (B130) and Czech Pearl Beaded Earrings (E190)
The beautiful color of this one of a kind handcrafted beaded bracelet will make anyone smile. Mouth-watering butterscotch yellow czech window beads are accented by Swarovski Pearls and vermeil gold Bali. Bracelet is finished with 14 karat goldfill heart clasp and earrings with 14k goldfill leverback earwires.

Beaded Bracelet measures 8-1/2"
Beaded Earrings measure 1-1/4" from bottom of earwire
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NEW Seashell Handmade Summer Beaded Jewelry

Welcome summer with one of these lovely seashell themed handmade jewelry sets, necklaces or earrings.

Natural Shell Circles Sterling Silver Chain Jewelry Set (NES3)
She Sells Seashells. A summery soft peach colored Czech shell highlights the natural beauty of the natural shell circles. Circle pendant features three dangling shells and just as you would find a one-of-a-kind shell at the beach, a single czech shell can be found on one side of the sterling silver chain, adding a contemporary flair to this perfect summer accessory. Sterling silver leverback earwires. Length: necklace 16-3/4"; pendant 2-1/2"; earrings 1" from bottom of earwire.

Lampwork Bead Shell Charm Sterling Silver Chain Necklace (N056)
Seascapes. Handmade wire-wrapped lampwork necklace features a swirling sea blue lampwork bead adorned by gentle blue Swarovski Austrian Crystals and a white Czech shell charm dangle.

And just as you would find a one-of-a-kind shell at the beach, a single crystal can be found on one side of the sterling silver chain, adding to its contemporary flair. Length: 17-1/4"; pendant 1-1/2".

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Friday, July 18, 2008

NEW Gemstone Jade Beaded Necklace

We love our jade creations! Green is such a soothing, relaxing color and what better way to be zen than to wear jade jewelry.

Jade Pendant Tourmaline Gemstone Beaded Necklace (N054)
Watermelon tourmaline is our favorite! With its delicious rainbow of colors a Jade gemstone teardrop pendant pairs perfectly with watermelon tourmaline pebbles, in varying shades of green and pink. Strung on flexible 49-strand bead wire, pendant is wire-wrapped and the handmade necklace is finished with a sterling silver clasp and 1-1/2 inch extender chain. Necklace Measures 17 inches to 18-1/2 inches adjustable.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 Fall Beaded Jewelry Colors Trend Report

Looking ahead: The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2008 Colors are out and what an exciting trend this is going to be! Quoting the New York Fashion Week February 1-8, 2008:

A Season of Change

Best described as a season of change, fall ’08 is defined by rich, elegant hues that offer a vibrant selection. New York's fashion designers emphasize cooler blues, greens and purples in the top five tones used in their collections, followed by variations of warm red, orange and yellow.

"Fall is traditionally a time for subdued, quiet colors, but this season we are seeing a shift toward cool hues with bright, exciting undertones," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Conventional tones such as warm autumn hues, chocolate browns and steel grays are also among the fall color choices. Blue and purple tones have become staples, as illustrated by Blue Iris, one of the top 10 colors chosen by designers this season, and Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2008."

Keep a watch out on the Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Designs website for new handmade Fall Beaded Jewelry designs. Better still, sign up for the newsletter and you'll be notified when new designs roll out!
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Types of Metals used in Beaded Jewelry

Beginners in Jewelry Design
When handmade jewelry designers are just starting out in jewelry design, they may choose to use pewter, base metal, silver plate or gold plate metals. Some of the reasoning is their inexperience in the types of metals used in beaded jewelry; other times they choose lower grade metals to keep their costs down; or they simply may be choosing to design fashion jewelry only, which is typically made using lower grade metals.

Bridge Jewelry Designers
As a handcrafted beaded jewelry designer becomes more knowledgable and experienced in their craft, they may decide to upgrade the quality of the metal they are using in their designs. These bridge jewelry designers may then choose to upgrade to sterling silver, rhodium plate, gold fill or vermeil. A bridge jewelry designer is generally concerned with producing a quality piece of jewelry for their customer but they tend not to be so concerned with the costs of reproducing the piece multiple times over, since most bridge jewelry designers do one of a kind jewelry or will only reproduce a jewelry piece a few times.

Fine Jewelry Designers
High end designers will use only fine grade metals such as sterling silver and 24 karat gold. Using these metals offers the consumer a high-end piece of jewelry where the sticker price equates to the quality of the jewelry piece. The higher price tag might be a result of the unique materials used in the piece or it may reflect the costs of reproducing the jewelry piece multiple times over for the mass population.

If you happen to be allergic to low grade metals, you should definately look for a handmade beaded jewelry designer who uses sterling silver in their beaded jewelry designs. At times, a designer may also throw in a lower grade metal bead in their jewelry design simply because the style of the bead fits with the design and they cannot find the equivalent in a sterling silver metal.

For a more in depth explanation to each type of metal used in beaded jewelry, check out our types of metals jewelry article for metals used in handmade beaded jewelry designs.
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